What can we do for you?

By incorporating every aspect of the structure of telecommunication and data systems, from design to installation and operation, Lýsir’s objective is to support designers, buyers and contractors professionally to ensure cost effective results.

Lýsir takes on the role of the consultant in cooperation with partners, with presentations, courses and warranty services for the solutions offered by the company.

Lýsir takes, among other things, the following tasks:

  • Design of fiber optic systems, writing of tender documents and project management.
  • Design of telecommunication and computer systems in buildings as well as material supply. Telecommunication systems in buildings are in general less than 15% of the total cost of computer systems, nevertheless, there has been a tendency for the market to save by not using the best solutions and material for each project.
  • Design, provision of material and installation of equipment for the distribution of mobile services, voice communications, e.g. TETRA and VHF, broadcasting services etc., for large buildings, tunnels and other areas where there is a demand for always safe access to these services.